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Welcome to Archisha International school. Affiliated to CBSE Board New Delhi CBSE Affliation Number-2132217-

Admission Rule

Students are required to attend school punctually and regularly throughout the term except in the case of
illness. Students are not allowed to take leave from school without prior permission from the principal &
For hostlers, one-time payment has to made expenses, for excursion, outdoor activities, pocket money etc.
minimum balance of Rs. 10, 000/- has to be maintained in Account.
The first term school will begin on April from working day with classes NURSERY to Vl. Subsequently, one
class shall be added to the school every year up to XII.
List of Documents to be submitted at the time of Admission

(A) In case of students from India

1.Three Passport size coloured photographs (35mm x35 mm) of the student.
2. Health Card (photocopy).
3. Letter of recommendation from the Principal/Facilitator of the current school(original).
4. School leaving certificate (original)/Transfer Certificate
5. Birth Certificate (Photocopy)

(B) In case of overseas students

1. Passport of the student and parents (photocopy). Original to be brought for verification.
2. Valid visa documents of the student and parents. (Photocopy)
3. Introduction letter from the company (original), if applicable (Original).
4. Three passport size coloured photographs (35 mm x35 mm) of the student.
5. Health Card (Photocopy) current.
6. Current school Transcripts (Original) Academic Record.
7. Letter of recommendation from the Principal / facilitator of the current school (Original)
8. Parents and Students of Indian origin need to submit copy of their OCI or PlO card (Photocopy).
9. Documents in languages other than English need
to be counter-signed by the competent authority
of the Education Ministry or Indian Diplomatic
Mission in that countr